After studying Daf Yomi for a couple of years I realized it was a great format to gain an overview of classic Jewish teachings on science, and to compare these teachings with what we know today. Here you will find a post when we encounter anything of scientific interest - that covers everything from algebra to zoology and anything else that takes my fancy.  To receive an email notification on a new post, please sign up here. ּYou can read more about the person behind the site here.


The background of the home page is from a manuscript of the Talmud held at the Jewish Theological Seminary MS Rab. 1623. The text is found in the standard Talmud :פסחים צד, where the rabbis debate the path of the Sun at night, and other matters of astronomy.

In philosophy [] one must proceed from wonder to no wonder, that is, one should continue one’s investigation until that which we thought strange no longer seems strange to us; but in theology, one must proceed from no wonder to wonder, that is, one must study the Scriptures until that which does not seem strange to us does seem strange, and that all is wonderful.
— Isaac Beekman. Journal tenu par Isaac Beekman de 1604 a 1634. Ed C de Waard. The Hague: M Nijhoff, 1939-53. vol 2, p375.