He's not Rav Ashi*, He's Rav Levin

I know it's not science, or medicine, but bear with me.

Last Thursday, while enjoying a wonderful dinner on the Upper West Side, I met Rav Henoch Levin. He heard me giving a brief Devar Torah on the Daf. (This in order for me to get the free dessert offered for those who do so. It was delicious. The dessert, not the Devar Torah. The Devar Torah was brief. But I digress.) Anyway the point is that we got talking and it turns out that this man is one of the editors of...the Schottenstein Talmud. And not just one of the editors; he wrote - among other things -  parts of the very volume (Yevamot II) we are studying in Daf Yomi. So, what to do? I whipped out the volume from my overnight bag and asked him to sign it. Which he kindly did.  

Wishing you many happy dapim, now and forever
— Henoch Moshe Levin (one of the editors)

So now I can claim that I have a volume of the Talmud...signed by one of the editors of the Talmud. Beat that.

*Rav Ashi (c. 352-457 CE) , from the town of Sura, was one of the first editors of the Talmud.  But not one of the last.


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