The Great American Eclipse

It is coming. It cannot be stopped. On Monday August 21 there will be a solar eclipse visible to millions of people across north America.  It will be the first total eclipse to cross the continental United States since 1918, and the first to touch any part of the U.S. since 1979. 

I will be traveling to Charleston, South Carolina, to witness the totality.  (Charleston is also hosting the American Atheist Eclipse Convention, if you are interested.)  Brith Sholom Beth Israel will have a viewing party from the roof of their synagogue -"the last place to see the eclipse on land." It will the first total eclipse for me, and I am ready with my viewing glasses.

What does the Talmud have to say about the cause of a solar eclipse? (You would be very surprised.) You can find my essay on the topic here, which will also be published in the journal Hakirah - sometime after the event....

Happy viewing.

The Forward, Sunday Jan 25, 1929

The Forward, Sunday Jan 25, 1929



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